Thoughts after a month of playing “NieR Re[in]carnation” without paying for the game.

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Hello, my name is(@ayakami_meguru).

Hello, my name is Ayakami (@ayakami_meguru).

This blog is a personal interview [Repo], and I portray the contents [AYAKARU] and form the blog.
This site is created out of curiosity, and is called “AYAKAREPORTAGE”.

This time, I’d like to share my impressions of “Nia Aliincarnation (Rinkane/Rinkane),” which was released on February 18, 2021, after a month of playing it without paying any fees.

This is the long-awaited release of the Nia series, which has a unique worldview, as a smartphone application.
I have had the experience of playing the game in the past, charging a robust amount of money over several years, and I have also continued to play the game without paying from the beginning.
I would like to write about how I have experienced the game!

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Beautiful images and music that faithfully reproduce the world of the original work

I myself have not played the Nier series nor the Drag-On Dragoon series (although I have played other SQUANI RPGs).
Even I, however, feel immersed in the world, and the game reproduces a worldview with depth that is excellent even in today’s smartphone games, and this game has a charm that makes me want to play the related consumer versions of the games.

It is spectacular to be able to view a map of this quality, although the story progression takes a fixed path and angle of the beautiful world described above.

Combat is also not very flexible, but it is beautifully presented and fun to watch.

Auto-looping function” for more efficient quest laps so that even time-poor users can enjoy their quests.

Games take up a large amount of time when you are concentrating on them by themselves, and as is the case these days, there is a mechanism available in LYINKANE to help you proceed efficiently.
That is the auto-round feature, where you pay for the amount of stamina needed for a quest and the game will automatically round the quest up to 10 times.

By using this function, you can set up laps when you have time and get quest rewards without looking at the screen.

However, in some recent games, quests can be skipped, or rewards can be earned by simply leaving the game unattended, so this may not be the same as complete efficiency.

I can’t say for sure, as it depends on what kind of game experience the user wants to have, but personally, I would appreciate being able to use a sub terminal to go around quests in my free time (I think it is better to have this feature than not).

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The battle system is somewhat lacking in depth due to its immediate release.

possible to insert abilities during active time, so it may be difficult at first to grasp the timing of when they are inserted.

Tap the button above to execute an ability.
This mechanism is the key to victory, but the recovery and abnormalities are not yet that assertive, so we have high expectations for the future.

Although it is attractive that the game is designed to be settled early, it may be interesting to see more strategies in the future since the environment is currently dominated by force.

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There’s a reasonable amount of mechanisms for helping the unpaid, and time will bridge some of the gap in strength to those who pay the bills.

The “Darkness Memory” content is a permanent feature that allows users to evolve equipment that they can acquire without paying for it to obtain equipment that is similar to what they can get from the gacha.

I thought it was a good point that you can also enjoy the story and PvP content up to a certain line, since this content is structured in such a way that you can build up some strength by progressing through it, even without paying, if you spend some time on it.
There are not a few stones distributed, and it is attractive that you can basically play the full content even without paying.

The discharge of gacha is austere, but there are a lot of stones distributed at the timing of events, etc.

One thing that concerns me about app games is the gacha, and since this game is based on a system in which some characters are given to the highest rarity weapons, it is a little difficult to acquire strong characters.

However, there are a lot of stones distributed, and if you can get at least 3 characters of the highest rarity, you will be able to play the game without paying.

It is rare, but as shown in the image below, it is possible to pull two ★4 characters in 10 rounds, so it seems that you can increase your strength by spending time and not giving up.

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As for limit breakthroughs, both character weapons must originally be drawn from the same gacha, but time is on our side as we have generic upper edge breakthrough materials that can be used for any character.

My current progress

My current progress is as shown in the image below.
I am looking for active friends, so if you would like to apply, I would appreciate it (a word on X would help me recognize you).

The equipment is as shown in the picture below, and although I have not paid for it, I have a good collection of ★4 equipment.
I am able to advance the main storyline and clear all the events without any problems except for the maximum difficulty level of the event.


It’s been a while since I played an app game of a SQUANI RPG title, but the quality is quite high and the game is easy to play, so I’d like to continue playing it loosely.
It’s been a month since its release, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops in the future.